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08:54pm 05/08/2005
  Not that anyone reads this but...........

I found a new band today called The Hunted and I don`t know if they`ve been around but I was oblivious or what. They`re pretty good and people should listen to them. And there is a new Dope CD coming out called American Apathy and it sounds awesome. I`ve only heard one song off it so far but that one song was some nice hard core heavy shit and I`m extremely pleased on that.

Other than that not much going on in the world of music that I know of.....
One more rule 
04:34pm 24/07/2005
  Came up with another rule..........if you fight with another member and I like them better then they win, if you fight with me I kick you out. (hint hint magicman).

And even though Korn isn`t really metal they count here. If you can`t take that then I will also kick you out for it. Trashing Korn is a severe offense.
03:44pm 23/07/2005
  Yay! I have a community! Mine mine mine!

Anyone who joins: topics of discussion include all good bands, seeing them on tour and so on. No posers allowed. If you mention Simple Plan I will kick you out(unless you said they suck). Thats pretty much the only rule. WOOT.
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